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Office Place

Have you ever thought that maybe there really is a massive universal consciousness, and it has a really sick sense of humor? Like, it just loves to torture you in the most banal ways, so that if you complain, everyone around you just thinks, “What’s he complaining about? He’s got it easy!” Just in case […]

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A Useful, If Minor, Life-Hack


Are you still getting those NYC area-code scam calls from a recording speaking entirely Chinese on your cell phone? Has nothing succeeded in getting them to stop? I found a way to at least make them entertaining! I spent a month or so (six calls) pressing arbitrary numbers when I got one of these calls, […]

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Further Conversations With A Toddler

20-month-old: Why? Why?!? Me: *blink*… Why what? 20-month-old: Why! *makes scrubbing motion with hands* Me: *thinking furiously* Wait… Do you want a wipe? 20-month-old: Eeyeh! *nodding yes* Me: *handing one over* Here you go, baby. 20-month-old: Denk! Me: You’re welcome. 20-month-old: *giggles* I believe I am compiling a toddler-to-English dictionary…

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Never Meet Your Heroes…

I had one of the most distasteful experiences of my life today. Not worst, mind you, it just almost literally left a bad taste in my mouth. I follow a number of my favorite authors on Facebook. Some have a lot to say, others just post when they are releasing new books and the like, […]

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Final Minutes…

A plague is upon the clan. It came first for the children, slowly turning them into foul fountains of noxiousness. My wife and I ministered to them for days, knowing what was to come. At last, it came for my wife. She soldiered on for many hours, but eventually succumbed to it, ensconcing herself in […]

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