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Secret Battle

Last night, just before going to bed, I set our robotic vacuum to clean our downstairs rooms while we slept. Judging by the carnage I found in the living room at 6:30AM, I believe this is what happened: Midway through cleaning the floor, having labored mightily, our robotic vacuum cleaner decided it had earned the […]

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It’s Science; Use Your Goddamned Brains!

You can’t just believe in science when it says what you want.

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First World Hipster Problems: “Farm Fresh Eggs”

So my wife brought home some “organic” eggs from the local farmer’s market. I had my doubts… My first concern was the somewhat suspicious handwritten admonition to “Rinse Thoroughly In Warm Water Before Use”. My second concern was more of a wry observation: they cost twice as much as regular eggs, but were so small […]

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A One Issue Voter

I am an intentional citizen of the city of Troy, NY. I love it here, and recommend it to others regularly, but my city has a lot of problems. The biggest one is how unwelcoming our city government is to its own citizens. A perennial example of this is “street cleaning”. Our city government either […]

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USA Dance is an organization in shambles, but we could still save our local chapter!

Hi folks, Before I begin, I would like to point out that I’m presenting this as an open letter to the Board of Directors for the Capital District chapter of USA Dance (3014),  its chapter membership, and our entire local dance community.  It is very long, but, I feel, very important, and ends with an […]

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