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USA Dance is an organization in shambles, but we could still save our local chapter!

Hi folks, Before I begin, I would like to point out that I’m presenting this as an open letter to the Board of Directors for the Capital District chapter of USA Dance (3014),  its chapter membership, and our entire local dance community.  It is very long, but, I feel, very important, and ends with an […]

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Fourth Day in the Hospital: A sad little boy in review

This is the continuing update on our son Dashiell’s condition, for distribution to all! Short Story: The last three days have been a rollercoaster, but the overall movement has been positive. Long Story: What we have discovered so far is that there are a trio of unusually debilitating non-flu respiratory viruses running through Upstate NY […]

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Baby Incursion Report

It has now been 24 hours since the incursion event. Subject (Codename: “The Baby”) continues to exhibit curious properties, behaviours, and fragrances. In an attempt to better evaluate the subject, a previous incursion subject (Codename: “Big Brother”) was brought in and allowed to spend several hours studying the subject. BB’s first impression transcript includes only […]

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Fooling Around!

This photo (from an awesomely ridiculous fun event, the Three Person Salsa at Binghamton Ballroom Dance Competition) was too good not to preserve for posterity! With Nicole Piché…

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West Coast Win

So we jumped into the West Coast Swing fun-dance event at the RPI Ballroom Dance Competition. We kinda cleaned house. Our team told us it wasn’t fair; that we cheated by being ‘too good’! I love my kids.

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