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Application Service Engineering, In A Nutshell

Imagine you are on the deck of an eighteenth century sailing ship. There are a number of large cannon on the deck with you. Each cannon is only secured with a single rope, each one tied to a different part of its cannon and location on the ship. Every few moments, the captain randomly commands […]

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Office Place

Have you ever thought that maybe there really is a massive universal consciousness, and it has a really sick sense of humor? Like, it just loves to torture you in the most banal ways, so that if you complain, everyone around you just thinks, “What’s he complaining about? He’s got it easy!” Just in case […]

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“C” Players

On a professional level, I try very hard to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and reject categorizations of people’s competence in their jobs unless there is literally no way to characterize someone as anything other than incompetent. Then again, there are simply some people you encounter whose continued presence among the living constitutes […]

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Keep Clear Of “WhatsApp”!

Today, in a work-related panic to troubleshoot a technical problem with a colleague stuck overseas with only data-service, I broke my own rule to never install a phone app without researching it exhaustively. He needed help, and only had WhatsApp with which to send/receive text messages, so I just installed the app to get the […]

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Unboxing in Sweden!

Yes, yes I did unbox my anxiously awaited OnePlus One phone in a random hotel room in Sweden. And yes, other than the fact that I couldn’t actually call anyone because it takes a micro SIM and my old phone only has a mini, it’s pretty freaking amazing! I managed to snag it from the […]

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