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Intellectual Property?

So here’s a quandary for the more IP-aware among you: Someone I vaguely know has asked permission to use some CG artwork I created for a tutorial I wrote some years ago. This is a freely-available work that’s been published on the internet for nearly a decade, but it *is* published under a license that […]

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Getting Serious About Internet Security

Firefox, we need to talk. We’ve been together a long time, and it’s been a wonderful and productive relationship, but you aren’t the browser I fell in love with any more. You’ve become heavy and complicated, and some of your best features leak my info like a sieve unless I spend hours researching how to […]

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Two-Factor Sucks (Unless You Do It My Way). How About Algorithmic Passwords?

“I forgot my phone. Can I use your tablet to check my gmail?” “Sure, here you go.” “I can’t log in.” “Why not?” “It sent a text to my phone to check if I was who I say I am.” “Well, that’s useful.” (AKA “something you know, plus something you have, except that you don’t […]

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The Unnecessary Patent Alliance

Every day, if you are any kind of tech-enabled person, you hear more stories of tech companies suing each other over patents. In the rare instance, the dispute is over an actual ‘invention’, but for the most part, every dispute is over ideas that make any reasonable tech-person say, “How could that have been granted […]

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On Technobabble

So I was watching a congressional hearing on Net-Neutrality the other day, when I realized that not a single person involved in the debate (other than the handful of mostly ignored experts called to testify) had even the slightest clue what they were talking about. Technical terms in the hands of non-technical people are like […]

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