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Social Media Censorship Has Lapped Itself And Become A Joke

Today I was banned from Facebook for 24 hours because I posted a meme: I was blocked because my post “violated community standards” by containing “a real threat of violence”. Think about that for a moment. Let it sink in… A human being was supposedly tasked with reviewing this evaluation, saw a meme containing a […]

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The Garbage Can Conundrum

Funny story: 17 years ago, my garbage can got run over by the garbage truck. The lid popped off, the body racked sideways, and the wheels went a bit woogley. The garbage crew must carry repair materials, because by the time I got to it, having heard the crunch, seen the horror show out the […]

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Application Service Engineering, In A Nutshell

Imagine you are on the deck of an eighteenth century sailing ship. There are a number of large cannon on the deck with you. Each cannon is only secured with a single rope, each one tied to a different part of its cannon and location on the ship. Every few moments, the captain randomly commands […]

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Shopping In The Age Of Covid-19

Yesterday, I did our weekly grocery shopping. While standing in line at checkout, there was a gen-Zish, hipsterish couple (Assumptions based upon: Holding hands, neither was likely old enough to drink, both wore 1950’s glasses with plain glass in them, and the (presenting) male of the couple had a knit cap on that could easily […]

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The New Metlife User Experience

Metlife(in email): Log in to your account to learn all about our new, enhanced user interface, built with you in mind! Me: Here are my username and password. Metlife: The data you’ve entered doesn’t match credentials on file. Me: Tell me my username. I’ve selected all the cars. Here’s my pet’s name, mother’s middle initial, […]

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