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Winning and Losing

Winning: Randomly whipping up a venison and swiss chard ragout with a mustard/turmeric wine base and serving it over a chicken and pumpkin seed faux risotto bodged out of minute rice and vinegar. Losing: Trying to convince your two year old to eat it!

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One Law For Them, One Law For Us

If you’re a Facebook friend of mine, you saw a post like this yesterday, but I just needed to expand on the insane level of government misconduct as regards the Clinton email scandal. Understand that I’ve always thought the whole thing was a Republican snipe hunt, given that their people have done so much worse […]

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Keep Clear Of “WhatsApp”!

Today, in a work-related panic to troubleshoot a technical problem with a colleague stuck overseas with only data-service, I broke my own rule to never install a phone app without researching it exhaustively. He needed help, and only had WhatsApp with which to send/receive text messages, so I just installed the app to get the […]

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Home, Sweet Hopeless – Welcome to Troy

Let me tell you about the love/hate relationship I have with Troy, my adopted hometown. I spend a lot of time here, and I really love it. I love the people here. I love the art and nerdiness that abounds. I love the actual Victorian architecture that is just everywhere (including in my own, endlessly […]

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Take A Real Step in Resisting Government Overreach

I think most Americans are finally starting to wake up to the fact that our government is an uncontrollable behemoth when it comes to our privacy. Time after time, we discover proof that yet another invasion has been going on, and rather than rectify the problem in response to public outcry, our government “makes it […]

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