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Covid-19: It’s time to stop ‘believing’ and work with facts

I took this shit SERIOUSLY. Unlike most internet commenters, I did my actual research…

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The Garbage Can Conundrum

Funny story: 17 years ago, my garbage can got run over by the garbage truck. The lid popped off, the body racked sideways, and the wheels went a bit woogley. The garbage crew must carry repair materials, because by the time I got to it, having heard the crunch, seen the horror show out the […]

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Covid-19: Government Lies Kill (but not how you think)

A few days ago, the White House announced that “social distancing and masking will be essential even after vaccination”. This has predictably caused a significant amount of public consternation, and given new life to conspiracy theories around social control etc… To an extent, it is probably not a bad policy to continue to demand social […]

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Meditations on a Candidate

Given the debate to be held this evening, I would like to express a short but timely consideration of the candidate I will be opposing this year in the elections. He possesses the following inexcusable qualities: He is very old, and has made numerous public statements that force me to question his mental competence. His […]

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Application Service Engineering, In A Nutshell

Imagine you are on the deck of an eighteenth century sailing ship. There are a number of large cannon on the deck with you. Each cannon is only secured with a single rope, each one tied to a different part of its cannon and location on the ship. Every few moments, the captain randomly commands […]

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