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Take A Real Step in Resisting Government Overreach

I think most Americans are finally starting to wake up to the fact that our government is an uncontrollable behemoth when it comes to our privacy. Time after time, we discover proof that yet another invasion has been going on, and rather than rectify the problem in response to public outcry, our government “makes it […]

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Shoving It Down Your Throat

Well, it finally happened! Someone on Facebook who had somehow found their way into my friends list sent me a message telling me they couldn’t bear to see any more of my ‘viscous’ attacks on their faith, so they were going to unfriend me. It came with all the usual cliches, like how I was […]

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What’s Wrong With the Police?

Wherever you stand on any one case, it’s clear we have a police problem in this country. The police appear to consider themselves to be under siege. They don’t seem to see themselves as part of the public, but rather as an occupying force, charged with controlling the public “for their own good”. This is […]

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The Flounce You Least Expect

The most amazing thing happened to me last night. I got my first ever Facebook Flounce! Earlier in the day, I made an exasperated post on Facebook about how irritated I am with online debate of GMOs when people on both sides keep spouting complete bullshit. It was simple, really: “I swear, I’m really going […]

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Hobby Lobby and Religious Privilege: Points Totally Missed

So the big foofaraw today is the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision, wherein the Court ruled that the special kind of corporation Hobby Lobby is (privately held by a small number of people) should be allowed to deny health coverage to its employees for specific medicines and treatments that offend its religious sensibilities. The religious […]

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