Shoving It Down Your Throat

Well, it finally happened! Someone on Facebook who had somehow found their way into my friends list sent me a message telling me they couldn’t bear to see any more of my ‘viscous’ attacks on their faith, so they were going to unfriend me. It came with all the usual cliches, like how I was “shoving my beliefs down other people’s throats”, “freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom from religion, “why can’t you just keep your opinions to yourself”, etc…

I’ve been fuming for a couple of days over the sheer stupidity of this person, the unmitigated gall/hypocrisy of a believer making those statements about anyone else, etc… I’d planned to write a very long and detailed rebuttal, and was about three hundred words in when I saw this:


It’s succinct, covers everything I wanted to say, and it’s much less likely to bore any of my remaining readers to death…

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